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Technology and Partnerships Announcements

February 17, 2010

At this year’s National Conference, COO Randy Almaguer exposed new partnerships and technology for Connect agents in 2010. While some were expected, some were such a surprise (in a good way) that they garnered applause from the audience.

COO Randy Almaguer

First, Connect has partnered with StateCE, an online provider of new agent and continuing education courses, in order to make at-home education available to our agents. All courses and more information will be available thru the Virtual Office under Connect University or at

Next, Randy unveiled the new Connect iPhone application. It is a FREE MLS listing search tool (available NOW) for all of the MLS areas Connect Realty currently services. No registration is needed, simply install and start searching for active listings! 


Connect Realty is committed to being the leader in digital marketing. Although we are already invested in, the landscape is changing and more buyers are searching multiple sites to find homes. Therefore, we have made a significant investment in– the #2 real estate portal- to ensure that your client’s home receives maximum exposure.

Another exciting new technology is video email through WowWeLive.  Millions of one-dimensional, flat, personality-free emails are sent every day. With this easy to use system, you can stand out from the crowd and send vibrant video emails to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. Here’s a sample of one of our skins:

And last but not least, a new service for agents in the field: a CMA product by eNeighborhoods. The eNeighborhoods CMA actually has built-in prospecting questions that make it easier for you to ask for – and receive – the listing contract. It’s a system to win the listing and it takes only minutes.

We will continue to enhance, develop, and invest in technology and partnerships that will enable our agents to outperform the market. Think BIG in 2010!


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