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Will Technology Replace Agents?

February 18, 2010

“Technology will NEVER replace  real estate agents, but agents using technology WILL.” -Burke Smith of Your Net Coach and new member of the Connect Realty family

In today’s market, we all know that technology and social media are now critical to being a successful real estate agent. It’s no longer about whether or not to use them, it’s about finding the best tools for the money and to get crackin’ on using them.

Shannon King, a key speaker at the National Conference, shared with us some of the most effective tools available from her perspective as an actual agent on the field. Here is a summary of the awesome tools she talked about:– a virtual phone system. You pick a number, record a greeting, and assign extensions to employees and departments. It gives people the idea that you run a big, fancy office and gives you the ability to be more mobile. It fits in perfectly with Connect’s Virtual Office model. $9.95/month for 100 minutes.– an email marketing system. You can create a system to track the effectiveness of your email marketing and can create a campaign, turn on auto responses, and create surveys. $15/month for up to 500 email contacts.– an easy way to set up meetings, arrange and coordinate schedules, set up phone conferences and webinars, and other time-saving strategies. Free with webinars up to 100 people.– enjoy unlimited meetings for $49/month.– voicemails are automatically converted to text and sent to you via SMS and email. Emails have the recorded version attached as well for your records. Free 30 day trial and $29.95/month for unlimited. (Similar services:– email and text, add to your lists, set reminders and appointments, and use the web all with your voice. $3.95/month.

DocuSign– electronic signatures and online contract execution.

MobilePhax for Blackberry and iPhone– allows you to send faxes from your phone by taking a picture. $.05-.10/page.

MobileReceipt for iPhone (similar app for Blackberry)- allows you to track your receipts by taking a picture of them. It formats them into a report and you can create expense reports. $4.99.

MiLog 1.5 for iPhone (similar app for Blackberry)- allows your to track your mileage and create/email mileage reports. $2.99.

Xobni– an Outlook plugin that makes searching your inbox and finding information about your clients fast and easy. Free.– makes updating text to social networking sites easier. Update your favorite sites all in one place and you can even send SMS updates. Free.

Pixelpipe– upload media files once through and distribute your content to all your social networks. Free.

Some other tools are: the Motorola t505 to give your car to have bluetooth capabilities ($99), USB Mobile Broadband Modems that plugs into the USB in a laptop to allow internet access anywhere, and Mini Notebooks.

Check out Shannon King’s slideshow in the Virtual Office for even more tools.

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  1. July 17, 2011 8:46 pm

    At the moment the state of the UK economy has made it really difficult for this business. It is survival of the fittest!



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