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The Perfect Storm

March 4, 2010

Alan Webber talks in his blog about thinking the unthinkable and how “what we don’t let ourselves think is the one thing that can cause a catastrophe”.  He goes on to say that “the most brutal fact of life of all, for a company or a culture, is that its core beliefs no longer fit the circumstances.”

In changing times, the key to success is being able to evaluate your values and replace them with new ones; to think the unthinkable in order to avoid catastrophe. The old business model for real estate is no longer working. Everywhere you look, offices are shutting down and agents are going virtual.

To stay afloat in this industry, the traditional model must be reevaluated. Agents must be insulated against fluctuating market conditions with cutting-edge sales and marketing tools and a generous residual income structure.

The leaders at Connect Realty had the foresight a few years ago to create a company to accommodate these changing market conditions. While other companies were avoiding “thinking the unthinkable,” Connect had the boldness to look change in the eye and move with it. And it’s working.

CEO David Boatner says that Connect Realty is the “new revolution in real estate. Our Virtual Office, technology-based services, and industry-best compensation system are the perfect storm.”

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