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Countdown to iPad

March 26, 2010

The April 3rd launch date for Apple’s iPad is just around the corner. It seems that the last time there was this much buzz surrounding tablets, they were written in stone and ordained by God.


Is this the beginning of the end for old media? Or will it just force a revolution in traditional print?

This issue is shrouded in debate and the launch of the iPad has generated a mass of conversation in the blogosphere across a wide range of opinions. Media guru Jeff Jarvis says that “print addicts will (sorry to be so blunt) die” (SOURCE) while journalists like Carol Cooper say that she will “defend the survival of print media until you pry back-issues… from her cold, dead hands” (SOURCE). The iPad has surfaced some pretty intense emotions from people facing a revolution in what “print” will look like in the future.

Controversy aside, the iPad presents new opportunities and challenges for the print industry. Check out this article about 15 ways publishers are re-imagining the magazine. While some merely recreate the page-turning experience of a magazine on a digital screen, others will take advantage of real-time navigation and animation to really take advantage of what is essentially a screen.

The “tablet” concept is the future for real estate agents. The ability of this dynamic medium to radically change communication will forever change the way that we do business at Connect Realty. It is not the death of the print industry but the dawn of a revolutionized one.

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