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April 1, 2010

As a truly national real estate company, it can be difficult to stay connected across the country. We value the input from every professional and consumer involved with Connect Realty and want to be able to connect with each of you. Connect Times is another way we are reaching out to our agents, brokers, and consumers to create a learning environment within the company.


Connect Times will be a central source for news, information, advice, and commentary about the real estate industry as it affects Connect Realty professionals and consumers.

We will use this blog to discuss the interesting and controversial topics that make up the world of real estate. Our goal is to engage the many talented and committed team members and consumers across the country in order to create a rich, learning environment. We aim to provide relevant and current information that provokes thought and conversation.

In order for this to be successful, we need your help! We need input from our agents and brokers all across the country. We want to know what is going on with you and your area. The blog will give a nationwide view of what’s going on across all of the diverse, local areas where Connect Realty is established or is going.

As we all know, the real estate industry is becoming hypercompetitive as everything happens online and companies adopt rapidly developing technology. Don’t get left behind! Become an even more active member of Connect Realty today and help us make the communication across the company more accessible and the learning opportunities more plentiful.

Please contact Julie Stephenson if you are interested in being a part of Connect Times. Her email address is

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