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True Brand Building

June 3, 2010

In today’s market, many agents are finding out the hard way that focusing on building their broker’s brand rather than their personal brand has not paid off. Many become dependent on their broker’s brand because they’ve failed to create one of their own. When it gets to this point, even if there are more attractive (and profitable) options out there, people have a really hard time making the decision to leave their current brokerages.

Connect Realty wants to change all that. We encourage our agents to build their own brand first and foremost. Then, as they become leaders in their market, the Connect brand will become known as one with a strong, entrepreneurial-minded team of personally-branded agents. This is true brand building. This post from The Future of Real Estate Marketing gives five good ways to start improving your personal brand and set yourself apart from the pack. Here is a short summary of the five points:

  1. Craft a compelling pitchWho are you? Why should someone care? Be precise!
  2. Take control of your nameDo you have a personal website? Do you have a presence on major social networking sites? Google yourself!
  3. Create strong branding platformsWhat makes you unique and indispensible? How are you broadcasting yourself?
  4. Be generous with your timeAre you building goodwill and having a positive impact? Go above and beyond the call of duty! Be nice!
  5. Accessibility is the name of the gameDo people know how to reach you? Do you respond quickly?

Bottom line: Be genuine, earn trust, listen, and respond. Click here to read the full article.

Build it!

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