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Inman Conference 2010 Wrap-Up

July 16, 2010

Submitted by Connect Realty co-founder Jim Canion

The semi-annual Inman Real Estate Connect Conference is over. As usual, we saw several interesting as well as useless presentations. There were no earth-shaking announcements but several companies have new products that give agents more choices.

My main take-away from the event is that nothing new needs to be added to the Connect Realty’s technology services. Although many different options are frequently introduced, we still have the most cutting edge and robust products available. This is not to say that we will not be making changes—some very soon. But I can say with confidence that there is not a brokerage today that has a better offering at any price for conducting an active real estate business.

For example, our IDX partner ( did a powerful presentation that proved they are one of the best in the industry. Not only do they power our company and agent websites, they also provide the data for our state-of-the-art iPhone and iPad apps.

A much discussed topic was the failure of MLS initiatives to gain traction to consolidate standards and service areas. Millions of dollars are wasted needlessly because of the inefficiencies caused by these conditions. This is an area that the industry desperately needs to focus on improving. Another buzzed subject was the 2010 Innovator Awards. Connect Realty was honored to be included in the top 10 for the Brokerage or Franchise category.

In summary, the contacts made, eating at some great restaurants, and a few interesting presentations made the time spent well worth the trip; but that’s about it.

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