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What a Realtor Does During a Listing

February 1, 2011

With more resources available on the Internet, it may seem as if buying and selling a home is an easy task. These 95 reasons will show the extent of knowledge and experience that a Realtor provides to assist through a residential real estate transaction. This list reflects actions, procedures and processes that a Realtor may typically perform during a transaction – and almost all are things that should be done by a trained professional.  Your Realtor spends many hours in education and works hard to stay on top of the continual changes.

•1.    Researches Current Properties

•2.    Researches Sales Activity from MLS and public records databases

•3.    Provides Average Days on Market Assessment

•4.    Reviews Property Tax Roll

•5.    Prepares a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

•6.    Verifies Ownership and Deed Type

•7.    Verifies County Public Property Records

•8.    Performs Curb Appeal Assessment

•9.    Provides Public School Value

•10. Provides a Listing Presentation

•11. Analyzes Current Market Conditions

•12. Delivers CMA Results

•13. Discusses Planning and Strategy

•14. Explains the Process from Start to Finish

•15. Explains Listing Contract, Disclosures & Addendums

•16. Screens Calls from Buyers or Agents

•17. Explains Homeowner Warranty

•18. Monitors the Property’s Activities

•19. Reviews Title Details

•20. Orders Survey (or coordinates this activity)

•21. Creates Showing Instructions

•22. Obtains Mortgage Loan Information

•23. Reviews Homeowner Association Fees and Bylaws

•24. Submits Homeowner Warranty Application

•25. Adds Homeowner Warranty in MLS

•26. Reviews Utilities Details for Inspections

•27. Arranges Inspections for City Sewer/Septic Tank Systems

•28. Provides Security System Status

•29. Determines Termite Inspection Status

•30. Analyzes Lead-based Paint Status

•31. Distributes Disclosure Packages

•32. Prepares Property Amenities

•33. Details Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale

•34. Compiles Repairs Needed List

•35. Installs Lockbox

•36. Makes Copies of Leases for Rental Units (if applicable)

•37. Verifies Rents, Utilities, Water, and Deposits for Rentals

•38. Informs Tenants of Listing for Rentals

•39. Installs Yard Sign

•40. Performs Interior Assessment

•41. Performs Exterior Assessment

•42. Advertises and Markets a Listing

•43. Enters a Profile Sheet into the MLS Listing Database

•44. Provides Copies of MLS Agreement

•45. Takes Additional Photos for MLS and Marketing

•46. Creates and Advertises Property Listing

•47. Coordinates Showing Times

•48. Follows Up on all Calls and Showings

•49. Creates and Sends Flyers

•50. Compares MLS Listings

•51. Develops Marketing Brochure

•52. Analyzes Feedback Emails and Calls

•53. Handles Offers and Contracts

•54. Receives Offer(s) to Purchase

•55. Evaluates Net Sheet

•56. Counsels and Mediates Offer(s)

•57. Delivers Seller’s Disclosure

•58. Obtains Pre-qualification Letter

•59. Negotiates Offers on the Seller’s Behalf

•60. Mediates Counteroffers or Amendments

•61. Faxes or Emails Contract Copies to all parties

•62. Delivers Option Fee

•63. Contacts and Coordinates with Title Company

•64. Makes certain that Earnest Money was deposited at Title Company

•65. Update MLS to “Sale Pending”

•66. Order Well Flow Test Reports (if applicable)

•67. Order Termite Inspection (if applicable)

•68. Order Mold Inspection (if applicable)

•69. Follows Up with Loan Processing

•70. Communicates with Lender

•71. Confirms Approval of Loan

•72. Removes Loan Contingency

•73. Verifies Home Inspection Activities

•74. Verifies Home Appraisal Activities

•75. Coordinates Buyer’s Home Inspection

•76. Reviews Home Inspector’s Report

•77. Follow Up and Resolve Repairs

•78. Coordinates Contractor Preparation

•79. Confirms Repair Completion

•80. Attends Appraiser Appointment

•81. Provides Appraiser Information and Remove Contingency

•82. Completes Closing Preparations and Actions

•83. Coordinates Closing Process

•84. Assists with Title Issues

•85. Verifies Tax and Utility Preparations

•86. Reviews and Distributes Final Closing Figures

•87. Requests Closing Document Copies

•88. Confirms Receipt of Title Insurance Commitment

•89. Makes Homeowners Warranty Available

•90. Performs Final Walk-through

•91. Reviews Closing Documents

•92. Coordinates with Next Purchase

•93. Ensures “No Surprises” Closing

•94. Completes Final MLS Update

•95. Hands the keys to the new owner-  Congratulations!


Source: Herb Johnson / 02/2011


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