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Do You Have a “To-Don’t” List?

March 8, 2011

What you don’t do may be as important as what you do.

Some ideas are so good we wish we could take the credit for them. Unfortunately, we can’t call this one original, so our hats go off to Tom Peters for first introducing this concept this way and Daniel Pink for introducing us to Tom.

A “to don’t” list is “an inventory of behaviors that sap energy, divert attention, and ought to be avoided.” You know, those things which keep you from executing your best ideas. The little things (or even big things) that block your from following up on your best intentions. Daniel Pink reports he keeps a list of these activities tacked above his desk.

What keeps you from focusing on your best ideas? Is it too much time on Facebook? Tracking a fantasy sports team online? Reading trashy magazines? Sometimes pursuing “too many good ideas” is something that deserves to be on a to-don’t list. Pick the best and stick to them… don’t chase every shiny new idea you come up with.

Make a to-don’t list. Write them down. Keep them handy. They’ll help you focus on the to-dos in your life.


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