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16 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn

June 8, 2011

Boost your business with these LinkedIn pro-tips

Sean Jackson, all-around smart guy at, recently shared this excellent article with their readers on how to maximize your presence using LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s recent IPO, the “buttoned up business” side of social media is sure to get a boost. Don’t miss this great article with Sean’s tips:

Sean breaks it down into two main categories to tune-up: Your profile and promoting your business. Here are the headlines (but be sure to check the article for the details!):

For your profile:

1. Don’t get clever with your picture
2. Headlines matter (as always)
3. You are more than your job
4. Create connections that matter
5. Work your recommendations
6. Don’t waste your summary
7. Flesh out the details
8. Drag the conversation along
9. Don’t forget SEO benefits

To promote your business:

10. Update your email signature line
11. Explore the rest of the tool kit
12. Dominate the All Updates area
13. Create your own LinkedIn group
14. And speaking of email…
15. Work your company page
16. Manage and mine your data stream

Read step-by-step instructions at:

(It’s worth browsing the comments section, too. Sean addresses many questions you may have yourself.)

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  1. Ruby Granquist permalink
    June 19, 2011 6:38 pm

    Brenda Lambert one of your local Sacramento agents sold our home in 27 days. It was such a positive experience. She was energetic, positive and full of ideas. Thanks to her and your company we are on our way to enjoy a full retirement. Ruby Granquist and Don Railsback


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