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Should I Confront That Conflict?

July 26, 2011

7 Questions to Ask Before Confronting a Conflict

Top performing real estate agents are often skilled in conflict resolution.

Cultivating the ability to manage conflict and successfully communicate through contentious negotiations not only gets the deal done, but it also retains clients for years to come.

Perhaps the first rule of conflict resolution?   You don’t have to resolve a conflict you don’t have in the first place.  With that rule in mind, we provide you this incredibly useful article which asks the question, “Should I confront that conflict?” Dr. Tammy Lenski, a conflict resolution innovator adept at turning conflict into growth and opportunity, provides us this article from her blog, “Conflict Zen.” In it, she provides seven questions to ask before confronting a conflict.


When should you talk and when should you just walk?

Find out, as Tammy explains the thinking behind these 7 crucial questions:

1. Can I let this go…really let it go?

2. If I don’t deal with this one, will it eat at a work or home relationship that is important to me?

3. If I confront this, what are the things I and my relationship with that person will gain?

4. What is the worst that can happen if it doesn’t go well and what specific steps will I take to recover?

5. Are there others who stand to lose if I don’t confront this?

6. When I imagine myself thinking about this in a month, will this be one that counted?

7. When I’m 100 and looking back at my life, will this be a dispute or a relationship that counted?


You should read Tammy’s article. It might just save your next transaction… or even a vital friendship:

Source: Scott Levitt / 07/21/11

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  1. Tammy Lenski permalink
    July 26, 2011 10:05 pm

    Glad you enjoyed my article…thanks for featuring and sharing it with your readers!



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