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Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

June 28, 2013

With the kids out of school for the summer and a plethora of appealing events for the Fourth of July, the holiday is an ideal day to spend with family and friends by the pool, having a backyard barbecue, hanging out on the lake, or shooting fireworks in celebration.  However, through all of the joy and excitement, many become negligent regarding safety precautions for themselves and their family.  Each year around the Fourth of July, thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms for firework-related injuries that could be prevented.  In addition, the number of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths rise significantly on Independence Day.  To ensure that you, your family and your friends will enjoy a safe and happy holiday, follow these safety guidelines.


Firework Safety:

Independence_Day Keep children away from fireworks.  Don’t allow children to touch fireworks of any kind, even after they have “gone off”.  Almost half of the 10,000 reported injuries a year are children under the age of 15.  Even sparklers are dangerous, and cause the majority of injuries to children under 5.  Sparklers burn at high temperatures and emit sparks that can set clothes on fire or cause permanent eye damage, so keep them out of the reach of young children.

Independence_Day For older children, only use fireworks with adult supervision.

Independence_Day Avoid alcohol and drugs while lighting fireworks or around someone lighting fireworks.

Independence_Day Obey all of the local laws.

Independence_Day Only buy fireworks from a reliable seller.

Independence_Day Store the fireworks in a dry, cool place.

Independence_Day Be sure to only use fireworks of any kind outdoors and away from dried grass, leaves, homes and anything else that could catch on fire from the sparks.

Independence_Day Always have a good amount of water nearby, like a bucket or a hose.

Independence_Day Read and follow label directions.

Independence_Day Only light one firework at a time.

Independence_Day Stand away from the firework when you are lighting it.  Make sure no part of your body is positioned over it, and make sure all onlookers and guests are out of its vicinity.

Independence_Day Don’t throw or point the fireworks at anyone.

Independence_Day Don’t light fireworks in a container.

Independence_Day Never relight a “dud” firework, or a firework that never activated.  Instead, wait 15 to 20 minutes, and then throw it in a bucket of water.

Independence_Day Keep pets away from the fireworks as well, as there are dangerous chemicals even in unopened fireworks.

Independence_Day Watch firework displays by professionals rather than light your own, if you can, to ascertain your safety.


Barbecue Safety

Independence_Day Never grill indoors, in your garage, under an awning, carport, or other surface that can be reached by flames and catch fire.

Independence_Day Keep the grill away from trees and position it at least ten feet way from any buildings, including your home and garage.

Independence_Day Instead of using lighter fluid for a charcoal grill which can be hazardous, use and electric or chimney lighter to light a newspaper to start the charcoal.

Independence_Day Check for blockages from grease or insects in the tubs that lead to the burner.  Clean any blockages with pipe cleaner.

Independence_Day For gas grills, check the hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks.  Ensure that there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.

Independence_Day Inspect gas grills for gas leaks, and don’t light the grill if you suspect there is a leak or smell gas.

Independence_Day Keep children and pets away from the grill area.


Driving SafetyIndependence Day was the deadliest day on the roads from 2006 through 2010. If you are on the roads on the Fourth of July, maintain the highest level of safety precautions.

Independence_Day Drink responsibly.  Even if you just have one drink, have a designated driver drive you home or call a taxi.

Independence_Day Those driving must stay alert and focused the entire time.  Keep an eye out for impaired drivers that could cause harm to you or others.

Independence_Day Don’t follow cars too closely, listing to loud music, or chat with passengers in your car.  If you have passengers, instruct them to stay quiet so you can concentrate on arriving home safely.

Independence_Day Put down your cell phone!  If you need directions, check your GPS before you leave the house.  If you get lost, pull over to get directions of have a passenger call someone.

Independence_Day The safest thing you can possibly do to celebrate Independence Day is to stay home!  Go to a neighborhood party or invite friends over to your house where they have a safe place to stay the night or safely walk home.


When making your plans to celebrate the Fourth of July next week and over the weekend, remember these safety tips!  Plan to watch a local firework display, make arrangements with friends and family for a designated driver, search for a neighborhood party or make plans to throw one of your own to stay as safe as possible.  No matter what you do or where you go, use your common sense regarding what to avoid and what to do in order to have a Happy Independence Day!



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