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Market Yourself With a Professional Real Estate Headshot

July 3, 2013

It is no secret that 80% of home buyers begin their search online, so a real estate agent’s online presence is crucial with the headshot playing the most important role.  A professional photograph speaks volumes to potential clients.  They are seeking to hire a real estate agent who conveys trust, honesty and integrity, and your appearance on your business cards, website, and social media sites is the first impression you give them.  Not to mention, buyers and sellers encounter a number of real estate agents daily, whether it’s through agent networking, attending open houses or receiving agent marketing material.

Studies show that with the right photograph, an agent can actually win business.  Your headshot should be used as a marketing tool to brand yourself, attract clients and help you stay memorable in this competitive industry.  An unflattering or unprofessional headshot can, in turn, hinder your business and cause you to lose potential clients to your competitors.  If you want a headshot that will generate business by effectively marketing your brand as a professional, hard working agent, follow these suggestions.


General Tips on Your Headshot

camera  Pay for professional photographs. Surveys show that 100% of respondents feel more comfortable hiring agents with a professional photograph.  It gives clients the idea that you hold yourself to a high standard and do things properly at 110%.

camera  Show your teeth!  A study showed that 97% of respondents gravitated towards agents who showed teeth while smiling in their headshots.

camera  Don’t use an outdated backdrop.  The survey showed that respondents were more likely to choose an agent who had an outdoor photo or backdrops that aren’t outdated colors or patterns.

camera  Update your headshots every two years!  Potential clients tend to feel uncomfortable hiring an agent with an out of date photograph.  It makes them feel like the agent would also be out of date on trends, marketing, rules and regulations.

camera  No props!  This includes hats, pets, cell phones or office phones, “sold” signs, cars, drinks, etc.  The headshot should just focus on you!

camera  Avoid pointing to the camera, giving the camera a “thumbs up”, or other cheesy poses.

camera  Do not use glamor shots.

camera  If you are 60, don’t use a headshot from when you were 35.  Your headshot should be up to date and make you recognizable to potential clients that you meet.

camera  Smile from within.  Forced smiles show up in pictures.  Practice your natural smile in the mirror and change different angles to find what works best with your body and face.

camera  If you wear glasses normally, wear them for your photograph.  However, be prepared to take out the lenses, as the flash could cause a glare.




camera  Clothing is the most important factor.  With proper clothing, your face commands the picture.  The wrong clothing takes away the attention where you want it.
camera  Dress in a fashion that best represents you and your company.
Dress as you would if you were making a presentation to your most important clients or associates.  Even if you have a more casual picture, wear something that looks upscale and smart.

camera  Men photograph well in a solid, dark colored suit with an ironed, well-fit light colored shirt and a dark tie.  Don’t wear wrinkled or dirty clothing.

camera  Women photograph best when they wear a solid suit and a light colored blouse that flatters the neckline and falls well on the shoulders.  Avoid wearing gaudy jewelry, low cut shirts, dirty or wrinkled clothes.

camera  Avoid wearing anything distracting, like stripes, plaid, checks and dots.  Patterns are ok to wear as long as they photograph well and aren’t distracting to the viewer.

camera  Do not wear flesh toned colors like beige, tan, peach, pink, white or yellow.  These colors can wash you out in photographs or be distracting to a viewer who could confuse it as skin.

camera  Do not wear solid black to your photograph session.  Photographs in all black lack detail and dimension.

camera  Avoid wearing short sleeves and turtlenecks.

camera  Light grey suits typically don’t photograph as well.






camera  Consider hiring someone to do your makeup.  Professionals know what colors and textures will photograph well and how much to apply.  For those who decide to do their own makeup, apply it the same as you would for a formal evening out without looking cakey.  If you typically don’t wear makeup, consider wearing at least a little for your photo session.

camera  Bring hair products to your photograph session.

camera  If you typically color your hair, make sure you don’t have roots.

camera  Don’t wash your hair the night before or the morning of the photo shoot.



camera  Tidy up your hair.

camera  Consider using powder on your face to reduce shine.

camera  Shave early in the day.  If your session is late in the day and you have a heavy beard, you might need a touch-up shave midday to eliminate a 5:00 shadow.

camera  Don’t cut your hair the day before.



With the internet becoming increasingly important in attracting clients and generating business, creating an optimal first impression is vital.  A professional, flattering, appropriate headshot on your social media sites, website, business cards and/or marketing materials is crucial in creating a memorable first impression and building your brand.  To compete with the thousands of real estate agents in your area, it is extremely important to utilize every opportunity to market yourself as a welcoming, dedicated, up to date, hard working professional.  Consumers are looking to hire an agent they can trust, so let your photo be modern, simple and realistic.

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