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Periscope: Three Ways it Can Grow Your Real Estate Business

June 26, 2015

periscope iconThe demand for video in real estate has never been higher. According to NAR, eighty-five percent of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video. While some agents have started using video to connect with their clients, a new technology is gaining popularity, changing the way real estate does video and social marketing.

Owned by Twitter, Periscope was released to the public in late March as a way for people to connect in real time. The app (available for Apple and Android) allows you to stream live videos from anywhere. When you create a broadcast or “scope,” you’ll be able to show viewers what’s happening around you in real time. Viewers who tune in can follow you, comment in your live stream and “heart” your scope. Hearts in Periscope are equivalent to favorites on Twitter or likes on Facebook—they measure your popularity. While your scope is live, anyone can tune in to see what’s going on. You and your viewers can also share your live scope through Twitter to reach an even wider audience. After you end your stream, your scope will be available for the next 24 hours in the app. However, you also have the option to save your broadcasts and publish them on YouTube. While this technology is still new, those who have become more familiar with the app suggest creating a new scope every 24 hours.

In real estate, there are a number of ways you can connect with potential and current clients with this new tool. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Stream Open Houses
Probably one of the most popular ideas for using Periscope in real estate is creating live home tours or open houses. By live broadcasting an open house, agents will be able to reach a wider audience since your video will be viewable to anyone on Periscope. This could allow you to reach potential buyers who can’t travel to the area multiple times or take the time off work. While you’ll probably pull in viewers who live on a different continent and have no interest in buying, they could potentially ask some good questions that are relevant to viewers who are actively searching for a home in your area. A large number of viewers can also boost your popularity as a “scoper.” More viewers means you’re likely to receive more “hearts” on your video.

Another option is to do a walk-through of the listing to give your viewers a chance to see a live stream of everything the home has to offer. Viewers can type questions while watching your scope which will be visible to everyone watching the stream. This allows you to answer in real-time. Also, viewers will likely feel comfortable asking more authentic questions since they aren’t face-to-face. At the end of your broadcast, you’ll be able to see everyone who attended your scope and can follow up with them through Twitter.

2. Share Local Knowledge
In addition showing off your listings, give viewers a closer look at your community. Do you have weekly farmer’s markets or funky festivals in your town? Attend these events and broadcast live to share the feel of your community with potential buyers. If you have a drone, you could use it to give viewers a bird’s eye view of your town. After all, buyers aren’t just looking at listings; they want to know everything about their potential hometown. The benefit of streaming live is that viewers are able to ask you questions while you’re broadcasting, giving you the opportunity the answer them in real time and branding you as the local expert. You’re also able to create a more personal, authentic connection with your followers since they can see your face and get a feel for your personality. If they choose you to be their agent, they’ll know exactly who they’re working with.

3. Host Q&A Sessions
Another way to help viewers on Periscope is by hosting a Q&A session. You can focus on a particular topic like “top tips for better staging” or “what to expect when selling your first house.” If you’re looking to focus on drawing in potential buyers, you could host a scope about the perks of your local community, allowing viewers to ask questions about the best local restaurant or your favorite bike trail. No matter what topic you choose, you’ll be able to show viewers that you can provide useful information to help them make more informed decisions, which will help to grow your audience.

Social media is a two-way street and the communication should be going both ways. Periscope allows you to create a more authentic connection with your viewers. Because followers can see your face and your personality, it can help humanize both yourself and your personal brand. Viewers will get a better idea of who you are so they can feel comfortable working with you in the future. Are you using Periscope to connect with clients in your area? Share some of your strategies and you could win $1500!

You can also connect with more potential buyers and sellers by advertising your listings on With prominent placement and branding in search results, prospective buyers will know that you’re a leading agent in your area. If you’re saving your scopes, you can keep sharing them with other viewers by including them in your enhanced listings, showing buyers what they want to see in your area.

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.

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